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Pirouette Dance

Sidonia Boleates

Sam can't go to dance today because she has the stomach bug since last Thursday!! 😔😢

Mar 2nd 3:40pm • 1 Comment

Pirouette Dance

So proud of everyone tonight! Two great studios coming together for a great cause! What an amazing night! Thank you all xoxo

Mar 1st 12:23am • 1 Comment

Pirouette Dance

Miss Jocelyn getting pampered on our Saturday break! @taylaxoxo_18 making her pretty for tonight's performance! LOL http://t.co/Op6ROQ7CzO

Pirouette Dance (@PirouetteFR) posted a photo on Twitter


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Feb 28th 1:08pm • No Comments

Loriann Melo

Hi dance moms! I came across 2 leotards going through Vivi's room. They are both size XS-child. I would say 3/4T maybe. They fit her last year. Please message me if you're interested. : ) pictures in comments. They are in great condition & I hate to toss them.

Feb 23rd 11:19am • 7 Comments

Sidonia Boleates

I'm so happy I got the CD with Sam's dance music! Sam has been practicing for every day!! It's such a good idea to do! Thank u 😘

Feb 19th 1:28pm • No Comments